Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

Y'know... sometimes I really miss writing. Publicly. I write in my journal all the time now (well, more often than I did in high school and usually at least once a week). But there's something about sending all your thoughts out via the internet that's rather... therapeutic? It's probably silly; I would usually blog when I felt especially teenager-y or angst-y. And then there was always this roadblock in my mind that told me I couldn't just make a regular blog because I wasn't married. Now THAT'S silly. Why do we wait for some type of self-imposed but society-given permission to do things like this? Really? Silly. However, now that I'm probably a little closer to getting married than I was before (meaning I'm older, wiser and dating someone amazing... I'll discuss that later) I'm getting non-angsty urges to blog. So I'll probably start doing this more regularly. Maybe. I've said that before and it hasn't happened. I debated making a new blog to but I figured what the hey. If I end up publicizing this via facebook (which I'll probably do) everyone can know what an idiot I was before my mission (although the utter idiocy is not completely displayed... you'll have to look up my old Xanga account for that. It's pretty hilarious to read now. Luckily, thanks go egocentrism, I'm probably the only one that will ever take the effort to go read those posts :D). Whell... I worked out today and I still haven't showered. So I should get on that, 'cause I'm meeting Andrew in an hour and a half. I'm always late. And he just texted me and asked for his only hoodie back. Which I still haven't washed when I borrowed it at a bonfire two weeks ago. Whoops. Good thing he loves me =) Soo... yeah. Imma get on that. I will write more later though. Hopefully. Yes.