Thursday, October 8, 2009

SOO READY... i think =)

So, since i haven't really updated about my life since may, i should do that.

If you didn't know (who even am i talking to? what the heck?) I got my mission call! I'm going to the Illinois Chicago North Spanish Speaking Mission! SOO EXCITED! I leave on November 18th for the MTC. I've been waiting soo long for my call... as my stake president put it I had been "called" already by the Lord... back in December when i KNEW that a mission was right for me. But I finally got my assignment to serve and I couldn't be happier! Right away I knew that it was right. I know it's where God wants me to go, and I know that with his help I can do much good there.

A side note that is kind of interesting... our stake presidency is changing so I was the last missionary to get a temple recommend under them and the first to be set apart under the new presidency.

--i wasn't able to finish this blog 'cause i had chores to do. haha--

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